Rob's Falconry Page Where most of these links came from - Thanks, Rob!

The Falconer: A monthly WWW publication. A monthly publication containing new articles on falconry.

The Falcon Mute Dan Wake's falconry page.

Falconry:Page by Wesley R. Elsberry

Harrie Knol's Falconry Homepage. Falconry in The Netherlands.

Borch's Falkoneri. Falconry in Denmark.

Roy Priest's Falconry Page. Roy has put together a great source of information on falconry regulations in British Columbia, Canada.

Falling Hawks Studio This Andrea Chen's homepage and has great artwork and information on falconry.

Geoff's homepage Contains a copy of the paper by Frank L. Beebe "Myth of the Vanishing Peregrine" in HTML format.

The North Carolina Falconer's Guild Homepage

The Red Eagle's Nest A web page on falconry and birds of prey focusing on eagles. The page also contains lots of information on the laws governing falconry in the United Kingdom.

Darren Athersmith's Falconry Homepage

The Raptor Breeders Association

The Hawk Conservancy A raptor center located in the UK.

The California Hawking Club's Falconry Homepage

Doug's Falconry Information Page

Kent Reisdorph's Falconry Page

Brian Tallon's Falconry Page This is also the site for the Hawk-l Mailing List.

Raptor Repertoire This is Bill Boni's page. It hosts an online BBS, and mailing list for falconers and raptor rehabilitators.

The British Falconers Club

Frank Etchells Homepage Contains info. on falconry and a falconry school that Frank operates in the UK.

Isaac & Stuart's Falconry Page

Raptors Nest this site contains listings for raptors that are available to licensed falconers.

The Midwest Falconry Homepage Information on falconry in the Great Lakes Area.

Falconry Book and Equipment Sellers

EagleWing Publishing Homepage William Oakes is the maintainer of this page and author of "A Falconer's Apprentice."

Falconcrest Homepage Falcon Breeders and makers of equipment in the Netherlands. Their homepage also contains their online catalog.

The Net Maker Homepage Maker of dho-ghazzas and mist nets for trapping.

Northwoods Limited homepage US falconry equipment seller.

Robert Arguello's Homepage
Maker of high quality stainless steel rotating ring perches.

Falconry Equipment by William F. Snell Maker of swivels, hawk blocks, bow and rotating perches and much more.

Other Links


The Peregrine Fund WWW homepage

The Aggie Raptor Rehabilitation Home Page

Peregrine Falcons Nesting in Montreal. Must have Netscape 2.x to view.

The North American Breeding Bird Survey Up to date information on the breeding/population status of birds in north america. There is information on almost all north american birds of prey and their prey.

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