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(last updated 6/1/97)

QUAIL AVAILABLE: Mature quail weighing between 5.5 and 10 ounces are available, at $1.20 each plus shipping. Day-olds also available, at 50 cents each. These birds are raised on wire for our own falconry birds. Many vendors ship their quail at 4-5 weeks of age, immature and smaller. By feeding them the extra 2-3 weeks, we're able to provide these larger, more nutritious birds. Prices may be SLIGHTLY higher than other vendors, but we've found raising them this extra time really does make a difference.

IN SEARCH OF USED TELEMETRY EQUIPMENT: I am in search of good used telemetry equipment. I would like to purchase a receiver and antenna, but will purchase my own transmitters separatly. If you have equipment for sale or know of anyone who does, please contact me at: Roger Rouire (H) 204-878-9093 write me at Box 803; Ile des Chenes, Manitoba; Canada R0A 0T0 EDITOR'S NOTE: Or just click on the "IN SEARCH OF" to email Roger.

HARRIS' HAWK and SAKERETTE AVAILABLE: I have a female harris' hawk, proven gamehawk, but not working out for my breeding project. She's about 5 years old, hasn't laid any eggs yet. VERY nice bird, no bad vices. Offering her for sale or possible trade, price negotiable. Also, a dark-phase sakerette, reasonable bird, flown some, but obtained at a t time when I had too many birds. This tiercel is chamber-raised, of 1996 clutch, would make a fine natural breeder, and it quite tractable. Asking $700 or trade for an imprint eyass longwing or accipiter. All possibilities considered on either of these birds.

Bells by Larry Counce:
The FBB editor first came across these bells at the NAFA meet in Amarillo, TX, a couple of years ago. They're some of the best he's seen since Pete Asborno's, and at $10 a pair, they're quite a bargain. FBB is happy to provide Larry with this free advertisement from him:
Bells are equator-reinforced butt joints, nickel silver with brass equator, price is $10 per pair, plus $2 P&H, the bottom two bells in the picture on the right are tail mount style, and cost $5.00 per bell. Please include what species of raptor you want the bells for in your email. Thank you!

Wanted: Imprint Female Kestrels for Breeding Project. Click on the above line if you know of one available. Thanks!

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