John Taylor


Follow me down to the Ferris-Go-Round -

I can get you your ticket for free.

We'll glide through the sky - Oh, the things we will spy!

Oh, won't you come riding with me?


The lights are real pretty- there's a view from the top

If we're real lucky, the wheel might just stop

You are there in my dreams, sitting there close by me

And it's strange that it's love that we feel

On the Ferris-Go-Wheel.




Follow me up to the Tunnel of Love
We can sit in a car, side by side.
It's strange to be seen, if you know what I mean
Then again, we have nothing to hide.

I hear it's dark in the cave, but it's not really scarey

If we're real lucky, the tide might just carry us

Away to a mansion, we'll find true romance,

And whirl peace than is more than a dove

In this Tunnel of Love.


Follow my mark, don't be 'fraid of the dark

Now we're here, we need never return

The real world out there's full of lonesome despairs -

I would rather escape, than to burn

When we play in the park, we become kids again

And if we're real lucky, all the innocence spent

Will return to our hearts, and we never will part;

In believing, we'll make loving real

On the Ferris-Go-Wheel


In believing, our dreams become real...

On the Ferris-Go-Wheel


Believe and the dream becomes real,

On the Ferris-Go-Wheel...


©1999 John A. Yezeguielian - All Rights Reserved