More Lyrics by John Taylor

 Ferris-Go-Wheel  Written for someone I haven't yet met.
 Things They Didn't Say  For Laura... Who knows where the love goes?
 One More Mile  If I can look at you with longing, but can't find admiration, there's no reason to begin...
 Lords of the Realm  I was dreaming of you, Shadow Warrior...
The Chase

 In loving memory of Mr. Gilbert L. Johnson, one of the finest human beings I have ever known, a good friend, teacher, martial artist, falconer... now gone to rebuild his Home... May the desert winds blow sweetly for you, Gil!

There are so many ways to Chase... must be a million things to dream of...

 Xmas in Los Angeles
 How can one get serious about ornaments on a palm tree?
 Don't Get Caught

(playin' games with the one you love)

 From the early 80's, this is one of my first professional tunes.