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In earlier text we discussed the virtues of a properly trained K-9. Here we will go into further detail about the training involved in the Aegis protection dogs and K-9s.

From as early as 6-8 weeks old, puppies selected to be K-9 prospects are brought up very differently from the average household pet. They are housebroken, and exposed to any number of varied experiences, so that they will not be startled or upset by strange situations. This is called socializing. They also begin bite training, even at this young age. We call it "imprinting" the bite, so that the dog learns how to bite so as to be effective, and that it's acceptable UNDER CERTAIN CIRCUMSTANCES to bite another human being. As with all K-9 training, this eductation is provided by experienced professionals with extensive knowledge of canine behavior pertaining to the raising and training of a functional working dog. Puppies which are found to be improper for this kind of work are usually neutered and sold to pet homes. Most professionals agree that if a protection line cannot work, it should not reproduce. Those which are acceptable for personal protection, but lack the intensity for sport or police work will sometimes continue their training, with the focus on going into a home which has less demanding protection needs. These are sometimes amongst the dogs placed for home protection. They're still very well trained in obedience, taught to bite, etc., but lack the pizazz, if you will, to perform well in more stressful occupations. As always, they will be loving and obedient companions and fierce protectors, should the need arise.

Young dogs are in training nearly every day. They truly do enjoy the training, as they've been carefully and specifically bred for such work. Dogs which are not specifically bred for protection work seldom posess the drive, nerve and courage necessary to be sound, reliable protectors, even though they may be the same breed; Not all German Shepherds can be protection dogs. Dogs bred for protection work are usually more intelligent, more capable of problem-solving, more willing to work for people than their show-line counterparts. As such, extensive breeding goes into each of these litters. Of a litter of 8 pups, less than half of them will be found working. The rest become loving pets.

As a young dog matures, its ability to defend itself and its master matures as well. Though a dog may be biting a sleeve at 6 months of age, it's usually not until they're well over a year old that they can be taught that defending someone is any more than a game.

A good number of those pups bred for protection work are only capable of sports such as Schutzhund and French Ring. These competitions may demonstrate a dog's trained abilities to perform work in the real world, or they may show the dog as being fine for sport, but one which may not defend its master when a real threat is upon it. Such dogs are weeded out by Aegis through careful scrutiny, and do not become Aegis K-9s.

At the end of a long training which may take years to accomplish, the result is a friendly, loving and loyal companion anyone would be proud to own and have in his house, an obedient member of the household which will give his life protecting his family.

If you're interested in obtaining a fully trained Aegis K-9 or purchasing a family protector, please email Aegis with your name, needs, and contact information.

Thank you for considering Aegis for your protection needs!

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Breeds of Aegis K-9

Belgian Malinois & Dutch Shepherds

Aegis uses mainly Belgian Malinois as its K-9 protectors, for that this breed demonstrates fierce protection abilities alongside a happy, eager willingness to please its owner, and a very sensitive nature, both to its owner's commands and towards potentially threatening situations. What this means is that the dog usually needs only the disapproving tone of your voice to stand corrected, whereas many German Shepherds which are tough enough to actually protect someone are also very hard to handle and require a heavier, more professional handler. We've found that the Belgian Malinois simply loves pleasing its owner, and will do anything for praise and love. Professionals call this "willingness" and it's either present in a dog or it's not. Again, a great deal of time and energy is spent on selecting our K-9s for this willing nature.

Allow me to explain this sensitivity in a bit more detail. One of the Aegis associates' personal home protection dog is a Belgian Malinois. This dog is a very loving animal who'd do literally anything for his owner. That man can do literally anything to the dog without any concern or risk. Yet if someone as much as raises his voice in a hostile manner towards his owner, the dog is already moving towards the agressor. This sort of dog is only placed in a very specific type of home, for that while it is still a loving companion and will most definately protect home and family, such forward mobility also carries considerable liability. Such dogs are never considered Aegis K-9 material. A properly trained K-9 of proper temperment would never lunge at someone unless there was an immediate physical threat. If that threat did occur, the K-9 would most likely have the attacker before its owner even recognized that someone had tried to strike, but the proper Aegis K-9 will remain rock-steady unless and until such a threat occurs. Amazingly enough, a simple command from that dog's owner to release the attacker will bring the dog immediately and cheerfully to the owner's side. The K-9 isn't likely to take his eyes off the attacker, and will be fully prepared to protect his master should the attacker try again, but it is under full control of the owner at all times. To us, THIS is the cream of the crop, and only such well-trained dogs become Aegis K-9s.

Aegis' German Shepherds

Clients which require a calmer "around the house" dog which is not so quick to defend will sometimes acquire a mellower Malinois, but are often provided with a German Shepherd. While the German Shepherd can certainly defend one's home and makes a loving companion, they tend to be a bit less suspicious of strangers, therefore making a more appropriate protector for certain homes. The German Shepherd's greater size and reputation make it desireable for such circumstances, and act as a highly functional deterent against potential dangers to one's home and property.

Aegis' Police Service Dogs

Police Departments which obtain a dog from Aegis will be getting the very best civil service dogs available. These dogs meet PD certification standards, and have gone through a complete and extensive training before meeting with their new partner. Then, an extensive on-site training is performed by an Aegis trainer with the officer and his or her new K-9 partner, to ensure that the officer knows how to handle, manage and maintain the K-9, and to ensure that the training performed in simulated environments translates properly to the streets. Whether for narcotics detection, as a dual dog, or for patrol, Police Departments which purchase an Aegis K-9 will always have 24 hour a day access to Aegis trainers, and our full support should the need arise. Please contact us with your contact name and phone number to discuss your department's service dog needs.

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