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Protection Introduction

As our world becomes a smaller and more dangerous place to live, some individuals find themselves in need of knowledgeable advise and working resources to satisfy those concerns.

AEGIS is one of the few companies which addresses the many facets of the complex issue of security for personal, industrial, executive or celebrity clients. From the beginning, we're listening to our client's concerns and needs, ascertaining what solutions are right for them and their individual lifestyles. Each client is provided with a protection package tailored to their specific needs. For some it may be something as simple as a husband concerned for his family's well-being because he works at night. For others, there may be far more advanced and sophisticated needs. No matter what the situation, from blue-collar worker to stalked celebrity, Aegis is able to design the right system for you - and then provide the alarm system, personnel, or properly trained canine for those needs.

Aegis' personnel have been bodyguard to celebrities and royalty, consulted for police departments, provided trusted home protection dogs for the Everyman, designed complete home and industrial security systems. You can count on us to solve your problems and fulfill your needs.

Commonly Asked Questions

I've bought an alarm system, isn't that enough?

For some a monitored alarm may be appropriate, but in most cases such a system's only value is the deterrent sign with the alarm company's name out on your front lawn. Criminals know how to defeat many commonly used systems, but even if the alarm is triggered, by the time it's checked against false alarms and a response team arrives, it's often too late. If you're not home, your most valuable items are likely to already be gone, along with the thief. If you are home, the perpetrator still has plenty of time to confront you, do harm or even kill you, and still leave without fear of being caught. So an alarm is just that. Even when it functions as designed, it's only a warning to the victim.

So what do you suggest? I certainly don't want (and can't afford) 24-hour guards.

Few people want such an invasion of their privacy, and most people can't afford such vigilence even if they weren't bothered by the intrusion. For those clients, unless there's some practical problem that prevents it, we place a trained protection dog with them. The dog cannot be short-circuited, isn't subject to power failures, and sees and hears EVERYTHING in the dark. Even the most sensitive electronic alarm systems cannot detect an experienced and knowledgeable intruder. But the dog can. What's more important, the dog placed with these clients will respond immediately. He doesn't need to be dispatched, get up from the coffee shop and drive to your home. He's already there, already on duty, and works for praise and about a dollar's worth of food a day. For that pay, a trained canine will protect your home while you're there or at work, even while you're on vacation. He will literally give his life for you, if necessary. And what's more, a proper K-9 is not some mean junkyard dog, he's an incredibly well trained gentleman in your home. Fully housebroken and raised to gladly obey your commands, the K-9 is a joy to have around, and a legitimate source of pride and praise. When friends and neighbors see how well behaved these animals are, they're astonished! Over many years, we've found them to be the very best protection investment possible, for their diligence and ability to actually DO something about an intruder in your home.

But I don't want some attack dog in my home. How do I know he won't attack me, or an invited guest?

Firstly, these are not attack dogs. They are trained professional working dogs, akin to those in use by police departments around the world. They are not inherently mean. Such animals are not acceptable for protection work, and would not pass the certification for a K-9. They protect you because they're trained to do so, and view their duty as they view any other command issued by you. This does not mean that they will not protect viciously against an intruder, simply that they don't do so because they LIKE to, but because that's their job. In any event, you would not be receiving a strange animal into your home. Before any K-9 is placed with a client, a lengthly training and introduction process occurs, where you will come to know the dog, be friends with it, and trust it. There you will see that this is a happy, well-behaved and well-adjusted animal which lives to serve you. During the training process, you will learn how to handle the dog, what commands he's been trained to, and when (and when NOT) to order the dog to alert, guard, or attack, as well as how to call the dog off before or after the dog has gone after someone. As I said, these are highly trained professional animals. They will be safe with children and guests to your home, but entirely merciless on a threat to you or your property.

It seems like you're making this all far more complicated than it needs to be. Why can't I just go buy a gun and keep it at my nightstand?

Without a doubt, more innocent people have been killed by people having guns in their homes than burgulars, robbers and rapists have been stopped. Loved ones and family members have lost their lives to these weapons. Children have gained access to them (despite "reasonable" precautions) with tragic results. While we agree that guns don't kill people, people kill people, most folks aren't qualified and trained to respond properly in a threatening situation and use such weapons inappropriately. While we can provide such training to some individuals, again, the K-9 is a far more functional solution. Once fired, a bullet cannot be called off. In the dark, it's hard for humans to tell who's there. The K-9 doesn't have that problem. His sense of hearing and smell - those same keen senses which alert him to dangers - also let him know that it's just your teenage son or your husband coming in late. With a K-9 in your home, you can sleep soundly, knowing that any real threat will be found and dealt with, and that your loved ones won't be unintentional victims of a misused handgun. Once again, we encourage the use of the properly trained K-9 in most homes.

Okay, so I'm a believer in the dog idea. But I don't have time for a long training period. I want some protection now!

Once again, that's where Aegis comes in. We can place a qualified K-9 trainer/handler with you in your home under such circumstances, until such time as you and he feel comfortable handling the dog, or the threat has passed. With stalking victims, we have placed a team of two men and a K-9 at a residence until the stalker could be apprehended. No matter what the situation is, we have the solution. That's our job.

Speaking of which, how much does all of this cost?

While tens of thousands of dollars can be spent on an alarm system, gates, fencing, a K-9, etc. such does not have to be the case. Most people with an average residence can get by with a very basic reliable alarm system (hundreds, perhaps, but not thousands,) and a trained protection dog. Such dogs can be had for anywhere from $1500 on up, depending on the degree of training and ability the client requires. Aegis will NEVER place more dog in a home than the client needs or can handle. Like anything else, you get what you pay for, but we're proud to say that we offer our clients more intelligent value for their money than nearly anyone else in the business.

Are you guys an alarm company?

No. Aegis has no associations, directly or passively, with any alarm vendors or service providers. In this way, we keep ourselves from any suspicion of kickbacks or other unethical considerations. We are a protection consulting company. Our job is to get you set up with the best and most appropriate protection system possible, not to string you on from month to month with ongoing fees.

I'm an executive, and travel alot. How can your company help me?

Executive protection is a very complicated matter. The solutions are as numerous as there are executive clients. Some may usually travel only within their own country, or perhaps to their downtown office and back. In such cases, yes, a dog is often teamed up with the Executive. Many such people have found they prefer to trust the K-9, and will go nowhere without them. If a client travels abroad frequently, animals are not a functional solution, as traveling with them is tedious at best. Then a trained and qualified human bodyguard is assigned to the client. Needless to say, hiring such a professional becomes an expensive proposition, and is not to be engaged unless legitimate concerns justify it. If you are an executive or celebrity and feel you are in need of our services, please click here and include a contact number and person, or if you prefer, simply email us with your situation and we'll set an appointment for you to call us for a consultation. As always, discretion and privacy are guaranteed.

How do we start?

You already have. Being concerned enough to educate yourself is the first step in keeping from being a victim. But to answer your question, contact us. The first consultation will be over the phone, and is offered free of charge, except for your phone bill. Then, if you feel Aegis is the right protection company for you, we'll begin detailing your wants and needs, gathering information with which we will design a complete, comprehensive protective system for you. In many cases, this will require a visit to your home. The cost of this "vulnerability" assessment varies, depending on your distance from an Aegis associate. The price of the protection package varies as well, depending on the size of the home, complexity of the situation, and degree of protection required. We will never sell you more protection than you need, and welcome comparisons against other protection professionals.

How can you be reached?

If you like, you can start by sending email with further questions. If you feel you're ready to have your free consultation with us, again, email us with the following information, and we will provide you with a phone number and set an appointment for your initial consultation. In that email, be sure to include:

  • Your first or full name
  • The city and area you live in
  • The concerns you'd like addressed
  • The square footage of your home
  • Number of outside doors and windows
  • Number and age of others living in the home
  • Number and type of pets in the home
  • Relationship of others living in the home, if not family members (ie renter, etc.)
  • Experience with weapons
  • Experience with animals
  • Brief relation of any violent incidents you've experienced (i.e. stalking, rape, etc.)
  • Criminal ature of your immediate neighborhood
  • Crime problems within your area in the past year.
  • This will give us a good basis to begin with. From there, assuming you decide to contract with us for your protection needs, you can relax and leave the rest to us. While we'll certainly still be asking you questions as we go along, you can rest assured that the very best and most appropriate protection resources will be used to secure your home and loved ones.
    Thank you for taking the time to consider Aegis. We look forward to being of service to you in the near future!



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    Industrial Security concerns are also a very complex matter, and often take considerable planning and resources. Please contact us with your situation and requirements, contact person and telephone number, so that we can arrange for a detailed initial consultation.

    Thank you for considering Aegis for your protection needs!