D.B. Scientific is the maker of Vitahawk, a unique vitamin supplement made just for raptors. It has been developed by our avian nutritionist and veterinarian to meet your goals. This supplement is based on the premise that most diets fed to hawks are deficient. Vitahawk improves the daily diet by providing additional supplements in the form of fat soluble and water soluble vitamins. Carotenes are added to increase the yellow coloration of your bird's feet and cere. There are two types of Vitahawk: Breeder and Maintenance.

Vitahawk Breeder contains the proper amount of vitamin E which serves to ignite the breeding instinct in males and females. It is used on alternate days with Vitahawk Maintenance starting in January. Following the last egg, the breeder formula must be discontinued as it may cause increased courtship arousal such that the parents may not set their eggs properly. At this point, Vitahawk Maintenance is applied to the food daily.

Vitahawk Maintenance formulation is used in the dialy diet diet of athletic game hawks during the hunting season and during moult. It is also designed to be added to the dialy diet of raptors in rehabilitation facilities and zoos.

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Vitahawk Maintenance

Vitahawk Breeder

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