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  S/V Tiamat This page has been set up to keep you informed of my progress towards a cruising escape. On November 17, 1998, the purchase of the Tiamat was consumated by sending the remaining balance to her previous owner. Though I've not yet seen her in person, I'm sure our meeting will be a happy one.

Stay tuned for more episodes. In the months to come, you'll be able to keep track of the Tiamat as she finishes being barebones outfitted, then sailed singlehandedly out of Long Beach, CA and the U.S. to points South. Hope you'll check back again!

John and the s/v Tiamat
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Once underway, email reception will be greatly diminished. For now, you can reach me at

The date has been set!

The Tiamat will launch on or before New Years' day, 1999!