A great many misunderstandings pervade our society. People think of homosexuals as limp-wristed fairies who run around in women's clothing... either that, or they're dirty old men chasing little boys in bathrooms. Well let me clue ya in on a few things...

1) We don't want your children! We like men because theyr'e men. If we call them Boys, it's an expression, not a literal. Your CHILDREN aren't being abused by us, they're being abused by pedaphiles. Guys who abuse little boys are no more gay than guys who molest little girls are straight. They're their own little category. If you wanna hate 'em for being that way, that's up to you, but don't go screaming that gay men are after your sons. We don't go crying to the heavens that all Heterosexuals should be outlawed/emprisoned/castrated because of heterosexual rapists. Please, let go the double-standard. If you've got a problem with a pedaphile, by all means, pursue it. But don't go lumping everyone into the Rapist category because you're ignorant of the truths.

2) Homosexuals have no more control over their orientation than you do. You didn't CHOOSE to start being turned on by the opposite sex, you just woke up one day and realized that you were. Likewise, none of us chooses homosexuality. What kid in his right mind says "Gee, lemme see... what's the most socially unacceptable thing I can be? I think I'll be a queer!" For starters, we could no more override our interest in the same sex than you could ignore your interest in the opposite sex and start sleeping with someone of the same gender. You already know how much peer pressure there is on kids to fit in. NO teenager is going to choose something so radically unacceptable to his peers. Stop believing the nonsense propoganda being perpetuated by hate-filled people and use your own head, please.

3) Being homosexual does not necessarily make one Gay. Gay is a social convention, not inherent in the orientation. Ex Senator Huffington pointed out that he was homosexual, but explained that he was not Gay, that being Gay constituted a whole bunch of social baggage he wasn't part of. The Gay community promptly cried foul, claiming he was still homophobic. Just as heterosexuals have their extremists, we have ours. Some of the Gay Rights crowd insists on pigeonholing us as well, demands that we be limp-wristed faggots, hold out our vowels too long, enjoy disco, have casual sex, speak in an effeminate voice, and refer to other men by female pronouns. If we don't do so, they take offense from it, claim we're in denial, and give us grief. If a heterosexual man is faithful to his wife, does that mean he's not a red-blooded heterosexual? Same thing. Once again, please don't go lumping us all together - We're not all the same, and presuming that we are is another form of illogic, prejudice.

4) We ARE everywhere. You know us, you work with us, you buy groceries from us, sell us cars... and you never know it. Why not? Because the overwhelming majority of us aren't stereotypical. You meet homosexuals all the time, you just don't recognize them because they're not acting like the stereotypes you've come to expect. So don't go freaking out when President Clinton talks about letting gays into the military. We're already there, and things are going along just fine... Alexander the Great was decidedly homosexual. He was also one of the greatest military leaders the world has ever seen. He and his army of male lovers conquered the entire known world together. How? Well that's the next point.

5) If someone attacked you, you'd probably defend yourself. But what if someone attacked your spouse, was intent on doing your spouse or loved ones harm? You'd act without hesitation, suddenly courageous beyond anything you knew you were capable of. Why? Because you love that person, and your love is more powerful than your fear. Guess what: WE FEEL THE SAME WAY! I still get this nonsense from time to time that homosexuals don't really love, they're just playing at heterosexuality with another man, that it's all sex, and there's no real love or commitment to it. What a lot of crap! What would YOU say if someone told you you didn't really love your partner, children or spouse, that you were just faking it, mimmicking others who really did have those emotions? Perhaps now you'll start to see why there's such a thing as Gay Rights at all.

6) Every day, millions of homosexuals are forced to betray themselves. They're made to fake being straight, to fabricate heterosexual relationships with mysterious strangers that no one ever meets, made to act like they enjoy leering at members of the opposite sex, and made to deny the real, valid, long-term loves of their lives. And every day, teenagers kill themselves, commit suicide because narrowminded heterosexuals have perpetuated the convenient lies that justify their hatreds.

7) But the Heterosexual Agenda doesn't stop there, it gets much worse. When a teen is most vulnerable, feeling the least valuable, most feels he or she has no place in the world, there you are, insisting that they be straight. You simply MUST have your grandchildren. Why? Isn't the world already populated enough? You want another kid, adopt! There are thousands of babies in need of a loving home. Because your child is not turning out as the extension of yourself that you expected him or her to be? YOU'RE A PARENT, not a cloning device! STOP BEING SO SELF-CENTERED! That kid is going through emotions far more difficult than anything you've ever experienced in your life. This is the time for you to be supportive, loving, nurturing, understanding, compassionate - not the time for you to impose your personal desires and unfulfilled dreams on your child! If you truly believe you'd rather see your child dead, then you have no right to be a parent. If you don't want to be attending your child's funeral, I suggest you put your petty prejudices aside NOW, go to your son or daughter, wrap that child in your arms, tell him/her that you love him/her no matter who they are or what they want to be. DO IT NOW, before it's too late!

For you Bible-thumpers, I'll leave you with this: Jesus taught many things during his ministry here on earth. Almost all of those things were saying the same thing: BE LOVING UNTO EACH OTHER! He bothered to mention about trusting in God as our Father - said that more than once. He spoke of who would be Blessed. He told a woman they were stoning that he would not judge her, to go her way and sin no more. (Don't EVEN get all hung up on the 'sin no more part.') He talked about a great many things. But the only time he lost his cool and went off on anybody was when he found the moneychangers in the temple. Not ONCE did he say anything about hating homosexuals, or even about it being wrong to be homosexual. Don't ya think if it was as important as you're trying to make it out to be, he'd have mentioned it at least once? Maybe you'd better be a little more worried about what he's gonna think of you when he comes back and finds you've been exchanging money in the temples, or that you've not been turning the other cheek, that you've been unloving to your brotheren in need. If it was that important to Jesus, he would've said so. Get off your own little Heterosexual Agendas, take the log out of your own eye. Maybe then you'll be able to see that you've been like Saul of Tarsus all along. God loves ALL of his children, whether you approve or not, and He's gonna be REALLY pissed at you for having hurt some of them - all the more so for that you're doing so in His name.

By now if you're paying attention, you've come to realize that a great many of the things you've grown up to hold as true about homosexuals are utter fabrications or miscomprehensions. If you remain unsure, talk to homosexuals about what they feel. Talk with Parents of Gays. Get your facts from people who know first-hand, not from bitter, hateful individuals who've no idea what they're talking about. All these heterosexual biggots telling you about us, they don't know. How could they? If ya think about it, it's pretty obvious they've got some sort of personal axe to grind. By joining their ranks, you're falling right into their hands. Don't you realize they've got a vested interest in perpetuating these lies? If there were no homosexuals to persecute, there'd be one less thing for you to pay them to rally against. They've got homosexuals as their fatted calf, and they're not about to give it up. Just like it was with President Clinton, they weren't trying to impeach him for what he did or didn't do. How do I know? Because the bumper stickers started showing up within days of both elections: Impeach Clinton - and her husband too! You saw them. How long do you think it takes to make bumper stickers in quantity and get them distributed? The man wasn't even in office yet and they were already trying to find ways to ignore the will of The People and get him out. This is the same thing. Hateful people will stop at nothing to be rid of anyone who's not just like them. They'll tell you lies, they'll fabricate the truth, whatever it takes. Holy Wars are nothing new. Right-wing Conservatives have been killing people for Jesus since the Crusades. Think for yourself, get the FACTS for yourself. We're really not any different than you. When it comes down to it, everyone hurts, everyone wants to love and be loved, to live and to laugh and be happy. We're all of us pretty much the same. Put down your hatred, let go your fears. We're not after your children, we're not after your homes, your jobs, your benefits, your rights. We just want the room to have them for ourselves too.