The following is a transcript of a Republic Senate meeting, RP'd on Clonewars MUSH on the night of February 28, 1997. Only the barest of editing has been performed on this document. Welcome to the Clone Wars...
The Senate Chambers -- The Senate
The Senate Chambers are reasonably large, seating approximately two hundred when all aids and senators are seated. The seating is arranged in small circles of chairs at the lower levels, occupied by those holding specific positions within the senate, and then growing larger towards the outside of the ring. The further outwards the ring, the more the seats are raised. In the center of the chamber there is a dias and a stand for which the head of the Senate can make adresses from. There are two large doors leading back towards the wide corridor of the senate building as well as a smaller replica leading to the inner chambers.
Obvious exits:
<D>ebriefing leads to Debriefing Room -- The Senate <Coruscant>.
<C>ommunications leads to High Command Communications -- The Senate <Coruscant>.
<I>nner leads to Inner Senate Chambers -- The Senate <Coruscant>.
<O>ut leads to Wide Corridor -- The Senate <Coruscant>.
Already present are:
Senator Palpatine
Andrew Phalanx
Senator's Aide Eye
Senator Farouche
Malar arrives from the main hallway.
Senator Farouche looks up as the military contingent arrives.
Rakkal arrives from the main hallway.
Kathis arrives from the main hallway.
Rakkal steps up beside the door.
High Admiral Ashkevron walks onto the Senate floor surrounded by military personnel and security teams.
Senator Palpatine looks up from staring blankly at the wall, and turns his attention to the arrivals. He looks them over, seemingly unimpressed.
Repwin Arbayne arrives from the main hallway.
Senator Farouche leaves his conversation with Palpatine and approaches the High Admiral. He nods just slightly. "Admiral, it is a pleassure as always."
Alic arrives from the main hallway.
Ashkevron smiles pleasantly now, all teeth and grins, and says "I'm sure, Senator."
Alic leaves the Senate Chambers via the main doors leading to the corridor.
Senator Farouche frowns at all the military allowed onto the floor. It is definitely more than adequate for an Honor Guard/Escort, in his thinking.
Malar stands to one side of the Admiral, both arms folded coldly before him. His gaze moves between the gathering of Senators, seeming a bit curious.
Alic arrives from the main hallway.
Kathis stands just to the side of the Admiral watching Senator Farouche.
Ashkevrons surveys the room a moment longer then turns with a brief nod and heads down towards his place.
Repwin Arbayne takes his place to one side of the main military booth as Intelligence attache.
Kathis moves closer to the Admiral,"After you sir."
Ashkevron heads forward, his stride confident, but his expression rather grave.
Kathis follows close behind the Admiral, looking at the people he passes with a slight smile.
Rakkal stands general guard at the doorway, eyes constantly scanning the room.
Alic walks down to one of the security positons by the main floor
Senator Farouche summons Eye over to him.
Andrew Phalanx remains sitting, watching carefully.
Andrew Phalanx says, "Not you, you sit. "
Senator Farouche leans over to whisper to Eye.
Palpatine sits quietly, somewhat annoying as he watches the others take their seats.
Senator Farouche nodding after talking with Eye, and then looking around in the hopes the Speaker might appear he gives a resigned sigh and moves up to the Speaker's desk.
Rakkal squints at Alic.
Ashkevron takes a seat at the delegated table for his Position.
Senator Farouche picks up the small hammer and hits the large bell. It resounds with an ear piercing tone. At the same time the speakers in the balcony come on.
Ashkevron nods to his staff.
Kathis moves slowly past the Admiral to the right and sits down at a table marked for Commander Brakus.
Eye leaves the Senate Chambers via the main doors leading to the corridor.
Senator Farouche intones. "For the good of the Republic may our descisions be wise and our judgements fair, and so I call this Senate meeting to order."
Kathis looks up at the speaker.
Malar squints up to Farouche, his alert eyes becoming small green slits, and swiftly steps over to his marked seat. He lightly sits.
Ashkevron closes his eyes momentarily, bowing his head as the benediction is read.
Andrew Phalanx remains in his guest seat, listening carefully, fully alert and no longer sleeping.
Rakkal stands at a firm attention during the opening ceremony.
Ashkevron places a small box on the table before him, pressing his hand over it, and looks up towards Lews as the meeting starts.
Kathis turns slowly to the Admiral,"You ok sir?"
Alic listens, but continues to scan the room
Senator Farouche looks out over the Senate. "It seems we find ourselves in a new situation. Our current Interim Speaker has gone missing. Apparently some investigative work she was undertaking has kept her overdue. Therefore we are in need of an Interim, Interim Speaker. --smiles-- And so to continue we must choose one from those among us with all haste."
Ashkevron whispers to Kathis "Tight as a drum or a 10 year old whore, but otherwise, I'm fine."
Kathis smirks and shakes his head slowly.
Senator Farouche says, "So to this end I will take nominations from the floor for aour next interim Speaker."
Kathis looks around the floor at the people gathered.
Senator Farouche looks about for nominations.
Senator Kardobe electronically signals for the floor.
Senator Farouche says, "honored Senator Kardobe?"
The corners of Ashk's mouth rise slightly, but his lips remain drawn tightly into a line. He focuses on no one and nothing, unimpressed with the dog and pony show.
Kardobe rises, "I would advise the council that Senator Farouche is hierachialy next in line as secretary and move that we continue with the meeting and postpone this vote for new business at a later time.
Kathis turns his attention back to the front of the hall, leaning back in his chair while lightly tapping on the table.
Ashkevron nods, nearly inperceptibly, at Kardobe's statement.
Senator Farouche sighs. "It has been so moved to postpone this voite and for myself to continue in that position for this meeting. Do I hear a second?
Ottar arrives from the main hallway.
Eye arrives from the main hallway.
Senator Jachyr from Cordan V jumps up and seconds the motion, settling under the glares of a few Senators around him.
Ashkevron whispers to Kathis "Well at least _somebody's_ got the sense to keep him from declaring himself Emperor."
Airk Thaerin steps into the room, Ottar following at his heels.
Eye walks in quietly and sits by Senator Farouche.
Malar stares icily at the SEnator speaking, fingers steepled together as to keep them from fidgeting. He shoots a sharp, brief glance to Airk, and then turns back.
Airk Thaerin takes a seat near the back as he did at the previous meeting.
Senator Farouche nods. "Very well we shall take a vote, all in favor say aye?
Rakkal raises a hand and stops Ottar.
Andrew Phalanx sits impatiently, watching the rather dry meeting.
A chorus of 'aye's echo around the room.
's eyes turn briefly to Airk from his position at the Military table, but he demonstrates no reaction at Token Crop's presence.
Ottar sighs, "I suppose you have something against me carrying this here pistol?"
Rakkal nods quietly, "Indeed I do, I have orders, no weapons allowed aside for military personell."
The entire military contingency within earshot turns and begins moving towards Ottar immediately.
Senator Farouche sighs. "Very well the motion passes we shall postpone that issue. Next I call for reports to be given on the state of things. First we shall hear from the military personnel, if you please?"
Ottar parts with his weapon quickly, "Very well."
Kathis turns to the movement in the back.
Rakkal takes the sidearm, "Thank you Sir."
Senator Farouche sits down to listen to the military report.
Kathis sees the matter taken care of turns back to the front of the room.
Ashkevron rises from his seat, carrying the box with him. He steps up to the podium and clears his throat, eyeing the Senators, his gaze resting on each of them for a moment before moving on. Then he looks out amongst the people assembled there. "Ladies and gentlemen of the Republic, honored Senators and colleagues," he begins...
Two guards step into the chamber, a haggard man between them.
Ashkevron contines, "We are in the midst of a grave crisis, and perhaps the greatest challenge to the Republic yet. I have with me the sworn Deposition of Senator Ashanti. If you'll turn your attention to the viewscreen, it will display for you momentarily." He presses a button on the box before him.
Senator Farouche turns his chair around to regard the view screen as the lights dim just noticeably.
Kathis turns his attention to the viewscreen.
As the button is pressed, Senator Ashanti's image appears in a 3-D hologram. She begins speaking, her voice hoarse and raspy, saying "As I am sure you have realized, I am gone. But I wanted to explain things." She inhales deeply and sighs before continuing.
"After I was released by the Mandalorians, I was approached by the Dark Jedi. Republic doctors couldn't heal me. The Dark Jedi master healed me enough that I could walk again. In return, I agreed to be their voice in the Senate if they wanted it. They never did.
"I was kidnapped some time later. I was.... tortured, degraded. To stop it, I made another deal. I promised again to be their Senate. In return, they were to give me the Republic to rule." She rubs a palsied hand over her face. "I realized the error of my ways. Now I am telling what I know.
"The Dark Jedis' names were Kryst and Therrin. Also, Mandalorians have infiltrated the Republic. I know this because one of them visited me, and threatened me on Coruscant. Furthermore, Mandalorians are working with the Dark Jedi."
Slowly she pushes herself to her feet. "I now tender my official resignation, and bid you all farewell."
Ashanti's images freezes; the recording is over.
Kathis takes in a slow breath and looks down to his table.
Ashura gulps...
Ashkevron waits a long while for the clammer to die down and the impact of this message to register...
Andrew Phalanx breathes in slightly, a bit stunned.
Malar turns his eyes down to the polished oak table, fist clenching upon it. He sighs, frowning.
Rakkal stands quiet, nodding slowly to himself.
Kathis looks back up to the Admiral, waiting for him to continue.
Senator Farouche turns back around as the lighting level raises again. Not one bit of surprise or shock is showing upon his face.
Airk Thaerin sits, in a degree of misbelief.
Ashkevron scans the Senators one at a time, watching closely for their reactions.
Ashura puts a hand to his mouth...
Airk Thaerin looks to the balcony briefly then returns his focus to the front.
Rakkal tenses and keeps a close eye on the prisoner.
Repwin Arbayne leans toward his wrist solemnly.
Alic moves quickly but quietly to the viewing balcony
Rakkal quietly slips out of the room.
Rakkal leaves the Senate Chambers via the main doors leading to the corridor.
Alic leaves the Senate Chambers via the main doors leading to the corridor.
Ashkevron finally breaks silence. His voice is rough as he says "Needless to say, this information has grave implications, and it raises many more questions than it answers. But the bottom line fact is that we have substantial evidence that we are at war with the people called Mandalorians, and that they have their own Jedi acting on their behalf. As is the right and duty of my office, I hereby declare that temporary State of War, and beseech the Senate to make formal declaration forthwith to that effect."
An audible murmor rushes through the room.
Airk Thaerin turns his comlink on.
Senator Farouche stands ringing the bell on his desk as a great clamor arises from the floor. "ORDER! ORDER!" he cries out.
Senator Farouche rings the bell until the clamor begins to die down.
Senator Farouche ignores the call to war for a brief moment. "Is this then your report High Admiral?"
Ashkevron clears his throat again as the noise dies down. He looks out at the mix of frightened, disturbed and anxious people, says "The Republic Military is prepared to meet this threat head-on, and to take whatever measures are necessary to drive these infiltrators from us and return safety and order to the Republic. What we ask of you in return is your support in our efforts." Hearing Lews' comment, he turns to face the Senator. "This threat seems to overshadow less pressing details, Senator, but I am prepared to answer any questions you or the other Senators may care to ask."
Senator Farouche says, "Does the floor have any questions for the High Admiral?"
Ashura mumbles something...
Senator Ybovid signals.
Senator Farouche nods in Ybovid's direction. "Yes Senator?"
nods to Senator Ybovid, acknowledging him.
Repwin Arbayne sits calmly by. Occasionally leaning toward a comlink on his wrist.
Ashkevron's facial muscles remain tense though he attempts to present a calm appearance as he listens to the question.
Ybovid rises, "Ah... supposing we were to engage this Republic in the first war of recent history...
Kathis looks over to Ybovid holding back his own thoughts.
Senator Farouche blinks as he catches a strand of audio from his security monitor. He looks up to the balcony quizzically.
Ybovid looks in the Admiral's direction with an air of discomfort shared by many at the thought of substantiating unpleasant rumors with such an action... the first war on a galactic scale for more than a hundred years - and potentially the greatest.
Ashkevron gives the question a moment of careful thought before answering. "Senator, I'm afraid the war has already been engaged, by the Mandalorians; We have no choice but to engage in it. But to answer your question, the Republic's military forces' Intel branches have already begun investigation on this matter. We will combine that information with a heightened state of security overall and other methods deemed appropriate to first secure our homelands, vanquishing the invaders from us, and then, if possible, discover the locations of these hostile aliens and draw a hard and fast line of strength between them and us. Further actions would, of course, be determined by the Senate at that time." He then reaches for a glass of water on the podium, bringing it slowly to his lips and sipping from it, while he maintains eye contact with those assembled in the room.
Ybovid retakes his sit, still unsettled.
Senator Farouche says, "Are there other questions from the floor?"
Airk Thaerin stands, "I have a little question.."
Senator Farouche says, "Mr Thaerin from the Token Corporation."
Ashkevron looks toward Airk, but does not nod this time.
Airk Thaerin says, "In what ways will this affect our operations?"
Ashura snickers.
Senator Benoi stands abruptly and signals mercilessly requesting yield of floor from the Token representative.
Ashkevron's gaze turns sympathetic momentarily. "I'm afraid your organization's services will have to be reduced dramatically, Mr. Thaerin. While on the surface it may seem that we would need _more_ security personnel, not less, a civilian entity simply cannot be allowed to continue with force of law in such delicate and sensitive times. While your contract will remain intact, Republic Military personnel will have to take the brunt of the workload in these trying times to come."
Airk Thaerin takes his seat slowly.
Senator Farouche shows little emotion thoroughtout these proceedings, he always wears that half amused smile of his though.
Senator Farouche says, "Do I take it you yield the floor Mr Thaerin?"
Airk Thaerin stands partially, "Yes.. forgive me. Thank you, Admiral."
Airk Thaerin again, resumes his seat.
Ashkevron nods curtly now to Airk.
Senator Farouche nods and turns acknowledging the Senator.
Ashkevron turns his attention to Senator Benoi.
Benoi staggers in beginning to speak and then, "Senators... as a retired general, I'd like to point out that our commander in chief of military forces has just declared a state of war. On his advice we should be staning ready five minutes ago!"
Another round of background noise, stronger now, rallies through the hall.
Ashkevron smiles now, sincerely for the first time since the proceedings began, and says "Thank you, Senator. Rest assured that measures are already underway, begun when I received the Deposition."
Senator Farouche frowns..."The Speaker would like to point out Senator that the SENATE must declare a state of war. And we have not made the decision to do such as yet."
Senator Farouche frowns tightly at AShkevron for some unknown reason at hearing measures are already underway.
Benoi, who still holds the floor, responds "Section 27-a of the Procedure to Acts of Defense and Agression gives the highest ranking military officer the right to declare a state of war at any time. Declaration of war by the Republic against another group is senate jurisdiction yes, but - the Admiral in this case has every right to direct military movements for defensive operations by virtue of a 'state of war' rather than our declaration.
Ashkevron nods slightly now in agreement to the Citation.
Benoi finishes, "We should follow suit to support our prime tactical advisor in this effort with all haste."
Kyp arrives from the main hallway.
Senator Farouche says, "All the same Senator, it remains for us to decide whether or not to declare war. But I thank you for your clarification of our laws. Now the Speaker would suggest that we establish a Security Council to work with the military on this matter. Once the situation has been reviewed they sahll give us their opinioin on the need to declare war or to simply let the military continue their plans to fruition.""
Ashkevron clears his throat. "Senator...
Senator Farouche smiles with a snort. "Yes High Admiral?"
Kathis tilts his head slightly, showing his frustration.
You say, "You propose a Security Council. I maintain that we have no time for such bureaucracies. What further information could you possibly need?""
From behind Farouche, one Senator eyes the Admiral with a hardened scrutiny, the wry smirk on his harsh bearded face dripping with cynicism. His crooked finger is poised quite intently over the call-lighting button.
Senator Farouche says, "Not for information Admiral. Simply to coordinate the efforts between the Senate and the military."
Kyp takes a place near the back of the wall, listening in interest to the conversation.
Ashkevron waits a moment, presumably for someone else to protest the Speaker's statement...
Kathis looks up and raises his hand slightly.
Senator Farouche raises both eyebrows at Kathis nodding slightly.
Senator Unid signals the chair among another hushed roar.
The severe-looking Senator with the beard soon grows impatient, his finger hovering with slightly hesitation over the lighting button. He lifts a thin, almost mephistofalian brow with a cold stare at Kathis' conduct...
Senator Farouche looks towards Ashkevron as he says "We have long had a history of not working together. In this matter it is vital to the Republic that we do. And so this council will coordinate our efforts with yours." He then acknowledges Senator Unid as being next after Kathis.
Ashkevron 's hand comes down on the podium harshly. "Senator, _Speaker_, this Counsel, as you put it, does not yet exist. Or will you now create devices to further your own questionable ends? Tell me, Speaker, why it is that you remain so unwilling to acknowledge the facts as established?!"
Kathis stands up slowly, looking at the Speaker then speaks,"I do not believe the Senate can help coordinate this action, unless you are willing to be on the bridge of our warships when shots are fired?"
Kathis waits for a response before he continues.
Senator Farouche stands then abruptly. "Admiral I would be wary of your tongue and watch which accusations you throw around. My questionable ends as you call them are the betterment of this Republic. And I have denied nothing that has been spoken here today about the 'threat' to the Republic. However at least I know that the end result does not always justify the means 'Admiral'.
Senator Farouche leaves somthing unspoken in that statement, then looks towards Kathis and says "And Commander Kathis, I would not hesitate to put myself in harm's way to defend this Republic, however in the interests of both sides here, this Security Council is the BEST way to keep the rest of the Senate and the military apprised of the others actions. For once we will be able to coordinate our efforts. You as our defense, and us with the ability to make certain safeguards within the Republic itself."
The bearded Senator, Darran, drops his fist down on the lighting button with all huff and puff, his teeth clenched with a malicious sneer. "The floor," Darran growls, "The floor..."
The hum around the floor rises and Unid waits patiently...
Kathis leans forward abit,"I just see this whole action you wish to take as a very dangerous delay for the defense of the Republic, the more we talk about what we will do, the more the enemy will get deeper into our homeground."
Ashura nods to himself.
Ashkevron nods slightly in Kathis' direction.
Senator Farouche looks around and then back to Kathis. "I don't see a delay at all Commander. I have no wish to hinder the military's actions while the Senate sets up this Council. Simply that once devised both sides will try and coordinate their actions."
Senator Farouche turns to Unid. "Senator Unid."
Kathis frowns at the speakers answer to his statement.
Unid exhales in relief - stepping into the fray and speaking over a now constant but dim murmur on the senate floor. "We are at an impasse. We cannot lightly dismiss this state of war nor blindly rush to a full declaration. But immediate action is needed. We must call on the Jedi council for aide. I move that we adjourn until 1500 hours while an attempt is made to reach the council and procure either a representative or make secure vid contact with a representative to ask their opinion.
Ashkevron nods his agreement, folding his hands together on the podium now, relaxing for the first time.
Senator Farouche seems to visibly relax at the suggestion. "A very good suggestion. The Republic and the Jedi have a long history of cooperation. Let us turn to their wisdom now for guidance. Are there any objections?
Not bothering to follow the standard protocol as Senator Unid politely does, the boisterous Senator Darran scowls at the military assemblage, his eyes rock-hard, jagged, their piercing gaze thrown intensely forward. He says dryly, "I grow tired of these little power games you seem to be playing to satiate your egoes," into the microphone. Continuing in his powerful, maliciously dripping voice, Darran says, "Your main contendment is that the matter here is time. Then I pose two questions to you, Admiral and Company..." He bites the words with a sharp snap. "The first being your assumptuous behavior in the prescence of this Republic's lifeblood, the Senate. Your 'Navy' had ample time....if I remember correctly, there were certain similar incidents not long ago under the directorship of Admiral Kedan, that apparently went un-heeded by your military." He lifts a cruel brow. "Secondly, if you, in your reactionary simplistic way, believe this huge threat to inflate the Military, then tell me how you expect to defend our spaces and police our perimeter and take care of basic security needs without Token's aid?" Darran does not turn his gaze, but rather leaves it flashing with fire to linger....
Another senator rises and shouts "I second the motion to adjourn!"
Senator Farouche looks around. "Very well seeing none...--he strikes the bell--...I declare un in recess for the next 10 mins."
A number of senators rise in aggressive response to this, and still others against those...
Senator Darran pushes his hands brusquely against his table, his face set in a cruel scowl. "I object. I first wish to hear this haughty gull's response to the fact that his 'adept' military could not handle the task of raising basic security when the information was given."
Malar snaps his gaze to Darran, upper lip curling somewhat in an involuntary sneer as he hears Kedan.[0m> Coreba has connected.
Senator Farouche then looks back to Darran. "Senator I'm sorry your request is out of order for the moment. We have a motion on the floor that must be decided upon.
Senator Farouche says, "Everyone in favor of recessing for 10 mins please press your vote buttons now."
Kathis watches as the vote is made.
Ashkevron stands straight and tall as he replies. "_Senator_ Darran, OUR Republic Military has been actively pursuing this matter since its inception, and has kept Senate comittees such as the one the Speaker suggests appraised all along. Part of the problem with this situation, Senator, is that the Mandalorians are, in almost all respects identical to humans and, in fact, may _be_ humans. Additional complications arise in the fact that their Jedi have apparently been aiding them in concealing their presence. My objections to Token's involvements are myriad, but chiefly amongst them is that, in light of their appearance, there are precious few we can trust. Past this point, it is my belief that further explanation should be done in private, as it may represent a breech of security.
Senator Darran levels his hard gaze with unwavering cynicism on the speaker, his weathered, angst-filled voice resonating through the hall. "With respect, I defer that to you, Farouche. But the more you cowtow and play these games," Darran says just loud enough for all to hear, "the more danger this Republic will be faced with. When simple men are given free reign to bellow as they please, they ca icily, before pushing his private voting panel button with a harsh click.
Senator Farouche picks up the hammer and strikes the bell a little harder then he inteneded. It gives out a piercing tone and he calls louder. "The yays have it by a clear majority according to my screen. So this Senate is in recess for the next 10 mins."
Kathis turns quickly to Senator Darran and stares him up and down before looking forward.
Kyp stands up as the crowd filters by and heads over towards REpwin.
The two guards train their weapons upon Ashura, keeping him safely at bay.
Senator Farouche gets up from his desk and strides over to SEnator Darran.
Ashkevron gathers the holo and, retrieving it, steps down from the podium, heading towards Kathis.
Repwin Arbayne is seated at a booth to one side of the main military entourage, as intel representative. He seems busy keying something into a terminal screen at his desk.
Ashura shuffles in his seat, obviously upset.
Ashkevron motions for Kathis to join him as he heads towards Repwin now.
Alic arrives from the main hallway.
Alic walks towards Repwin
Ashkevron walks over to Repwin.
Kyp steps over to Rep, glancing and nodding respectfully to the Admiral and Commander.
Repwin Arbayne turns as the Admiral approaches...
Ashk. whispers something to Repwin.
Kathis nods slightly to Kyp trying to hide his frown.
Repwin Arbayne nods in response to something said by the Admiral.
Senator Farouche glances over to Ashk, his eyes frought with indecision.
Kathis looks over to the Admiral and Repwin, waiting for them to finish speaking.
Darron leans in speaking to Farouche with an intent growl.
Eye walks over to Senator Farouche
Repwin Arbayne leans across his desk to key something quickly in and dims the vid-screen. He turns back to others waiting for him by the desk...
Kyp glances at Repwin., then extends his hand. "Lieutenant now, eh?"
Repwin Arbayne takes Kyp's hand in greeting. "Ensign..."
Kyp nods, "Been a while, Lieutenant...last time i checked you were stuck on Carida with the rest of us."
Kathis informs the Admiral that he's going outside for some fresh air. Ashkevron nods towards Kathis. "Be careful, Commander. You just made some rather bold statements."
Kathis shows no sign of calming down, since the meeting.
Ashura grins, "Take me with you!"
Kathis walks up to the main doors.
The guards raise their weapons higher, meanacingly.
Kathis looks over to a man up near the back wall and addresses teh guards watching him, inquiring, "Who is this man? Does anyone have an answer?"
One guard straightens up and salutes, "Guarding a prisoner. Ordered to bring him here. That's all I know, Sir."
Kathis looks back to Ashura then walks over to him,"I suggest you keep your mouth closed while in this chamber, until you are told to do otherwise."
Ashura clenches his lips together in a mocking gesture at Kathis.
Kathis says, "If you can't follow that rule, then I will have you take to the Triumph for proper military prisoner treatment." Kathis swiftly turns and walks out.
Alic sees that Repwin is busy and walks out of the senate chamber
Senator Farouche moves over to talk with the Token Corporation folks.
Airk Thaerin nods slightly to the oncoming senator.
Alic arrives from the main hallway.
Senator Farouche smiles and extends his hand whisperigng low.
Airk Thaerin stands and takes the hand, nodding as he glances around.
Senator Farouche glances around himself with a sigh and looks up to the blacony and starts in surprise when he sees Kevlyshar looking down through the plexi glass.
Senator Farouche frowning he shakes his head and moves aside to introduce Eye. "Mr Thaerin may I presnet to you my unofficial aide fot his meeting, Eye."
Eye nods
Airk Thaerin yawns, "Oh.. excuse me. A pleasure. I think we may have met before."
Eye says, "I'm sorry I don't recall"
Ashkeveron turns his attention to a message on his personal datapad, then looks over to Repwin and nods.
Senator Farouche glances at his timepiece and curses lightly. He quickly hurries back up to the Speaker's seat and uses the hammer to bang lightly on the desk to gather a little attention. "Everyone, I allowed this break to go on for a little onger than I thought so if you would kindly begin resuming your seats...we'll be again in just a few moments.
Senator Farouche talks with Eye for amoment longer and then sits down in the Speakers position.
Ashkevron begins heading back towards the Military table.
Senator Farouche gather's his scattered notes. Clears his computer screens. And takes a deep breath before leaning back slightly to wait for the remaining Senators to take their seat before starting again.
Kathis, Serras Veil, Malic, Christian Jacx arrive from the main hallway.
Kathis heads back toward the Admiral slowly and quietly.
Ashkevron now sits at the Military table, hands folded.
Serras Veil marches instep behind the Commander.
Jacx follow walking very stiffly
Malic steps smartly behind those seated at the military table. He stops and turns crisply. He stands at Ashkevron's left shoulder.
Kathis looks at Malic and the other men standing,"Take a seat gentlemen."
Serras Veil acknowledges the Admiral with a nod and pats his belt. He takes a position behind the Command and sits.
Senator Farouche wavs a hand at all the military personel. "I'm afraid the Senate floor is beginning to become a little crowded. It's interefering with the ability of the pages to do their jobs so I must ask you to have a few of your men remove themselves to the antechamber or the balcony. Please keep only those men who are truly necessary by your side."
Christian whispers something to Serras Veil.
Malic sits down in a chair behind the Command, next to Serras.
Caliran enters quietly, and waits by the door.
Caliran: A tall figure wrapped in a long, brown cloak. The cowl covers up most of the glossy black hair, a few tendrils of which escape along the sides. A feminine face protrudes from beneath the hood. Her features are not striking, nor are they plain. They manage to find the middle ground between beauty and handsomeness.
The rest of her body is enshrouded in the roomy cloak that moves as she does, almost seeming to breath a life of its own. She carries a lightsaber, hung from her waist.
Senator Farouche nods. "Very well then."
Serras Veil whispers quietly to Christian.
Christian turns and nods, then leaves the Senate Chambers via the main doors leading to the corridor.
Repwin Arbayne remains at his desk busy with his terminal.
Senator Farouche stands and rings the bell. "This Senate is called back from recess."
Kathis still shows a hint of frustration in his actions.
Alic walks over to the cloaked figure who entered the senate chamber. Caliran turns her gaze to Alic as he approaches.
Malic leans over and whispers quietly to Serras.
Senator Farouche says, "Senators and Honored Guests. The Jedi have sent us an arbitrator to help us with fairness and justice. I present to you Jedi Caliran.""
Senator Farouche defers to Caliran.
Serras Veil turns his head towards Malic and shakes it.
Alic backs down and walks back to his position when he learns who the person is.
Caliran then looks to Senator Farouche, and begins a decent towards the main podium; not taking her time, but not hurrying either.
Kathis looks slowly at Caliran and studies her every move.
Serras Veil stares in awe at the brown cloaked figure.
Torin enters and finds the nearest seat
Malic visualy scrutinizes Caliran. He frowns slightly.
Ashkevron's gaze follows the woman as she moves towards the main podium, respect and curiosity both present on his face.
Ashura watches in facination.... and strangely... silence.
Kathis places his hands on the table and slowly taps it.
Caliran reaches the center, and smooths out her cloak once before approaching the microphone.
Senator Farouche stands waiting for Caliran a look of anxiety on his face as well as deep respect.
Alic walks quietly out of the room
Kyp studies the Jedi with interest.
Serras Veil tries to quietly slide his helmet under his chair. Unfortunately, the plastisteel screeches against the chair. He continues looking forward as his face reddens.
Caliran says with a slightly Corellian accent, "I was taken away from a nice quiet evening for this, so I'll be brief. General Kenobi asked me to speak to the affairs of the Jedi, since I believe there are some difficulties in deciding military action, yes?" Her tone belays a total lack of want for response.
Ashkeveron continues to regard the Jedi in silence.
Senator Farouche resumes his seat as she begins speaking.
Kathis looks at Caliran with a questioning look, but continues to listen, looks down slightly and notices his taping the table and stops.
Caliran clears her throat a bit before continuing, "I've never been very good at this politics game, so I'll cut right to it. The military threat against the Republic is great, yes. The, so-called, Dark Jedi are a threat to the Jedi, yes. While the two are connected, they are not necessarily one and the same."
Malic tightens his lips together as he continues to listen to the Caliran.
Senator Farouche shifts in his chair a slight frown on his face as he considers her words.
Malar tilts a single brow inward, watching the figure for several moments before turning his gaze . Frowning, he turns intently back to the cloaked speaker.
Caliran turns her stern eyes to the assembled members, "The need for a state-of-war is a difficult question. One that I cannot answer. I can answer that if there are indeed Dark Jedi--no, I will not use this perversion term anymore--if there are indeed Dark Force Users, than they will be dealt with by the Jedi. The military would be hopeless in containing their threat. For, as many armies have learned in the past who would strike at the heart of the Republic, the Jedi are above and beyond the scope of normal military might."
Torin listens attentively
Malic grimaces as he listens closely.
Senator Farouche nods appreciatively.
Ashkevron grimaces at this, and continues to watch the Jedi, captivated.
Kathis sighs and leans back slightly in his chair, shakes his head to himself.
Caliran says, "Therefore, it is the position of the Jedi that any decision made by the Senate," she turns a hard gaze towards the military men of rank, "and it is a decision of the Senate, must be made on the threat of the enemy's military prowess alone, not the threat of the Dark Force Users." She grins, a little, amused by the next words out of her mouth, "I'm surprised to think of any Force User intimidated by a state of military enforcement." She shakes her head. "This is not to say that it may not be needed, only that it will not help with the newer, perhaps more dangerous threat of infiltration into the Republic.""
Kyrin slowly and quietly enters the room as not to disturb anyone. He then takes a seat near the back
Malic quietly shakes his head slowly back and forth a few times.
From afar, Serras Veil wonders where all the other Senators are . . .
Senator Farouche glances over at the military contingent at these words.
Ashkevron's reaction is clearly that of mixed frustration and displeasure.
Caliran looks towards the Senators, "Is there anything else that the Senate seeks of the Jedi?"
Ashura's eyes widen in fear at a sudden thought.
The Intelligence liason glances occasionally between the speaker and his terminal, unemotive.
Senator Farouche stands, says "Jedi Caliran...
Ashura glances at Farouche for a brief second.
Ashkevron stares at Farouche now in utter disbelief.
Kathis shows no change in his mood, now waiting to see what happens next.
Senator Farouche says, "Now that the threat of --his mouth twists around the phrase-- these Dark Force Users is made known, may I inquire as to how the Jedi may intend to meet this threat?"
Caliran says firmly, "It is our intent to seek out this disturbance, cut it to its roots, then eradicating it. The history databanks will show too well what happens when we allow their kind to get a firm foot-hold on our society."
Malic leans over and quietly whispers to Serras.
Ashkevron stands now, seems as though he will speak.
Kyp raises his eyebrows at such vehemence.
Senator Farouche nods in respect. "Well let me say that just as the Jedi have ever stood ready to help this Republic so too does the Republic stand ready to help the Jedi in whatever means we can."
Serras Veil crosses his arms across his chest and shakes his head.
Kathis looks up to the Admiral, then looks back to the speaker.
Kyrin takes out a datapad from inside his flight suit, and begins to push buttons on it as the Senators talk.
Caliran nods, "Thank you Senator." She notices the tension on the floor, and sighs heavily. "Questions from the floor, no doubt?" She looks again to the Senator, "If I may field a few, I shall."
Ashkevron clears his throat conspiciously.
Kyp glances about the crowds milling around him.
Senator Farouche says, "By all means Jedi Caliran, the floor is yours." He doesn't even recognize speakers, instead he allows Jedi Caliran to do so at her leisure.
Caliran looks towards Ashkevron, says, "Yes, Admiral."
You say, "Honorable Jedi Caliran," he begins, and then it's clear from his faltering speech pattern that he's grasping with a concept, "You speak of a ... separation and advise us.... to contend with the military threat alone.... But.. from what information we've gathered... the two are intertwined, the ... Force Users... aiding these enemies in their ... infiltration." Ashk falters now, and leaves the question implied."
Serras Veil moves a hand up to his chin while leaving his arms crossed. He frowns as he scratches his non-existant beard.
Malic shifts in his seat, the grimace remaining on his face.
Kyrin has a particularly confused look on his face, as if he doesn't know the implications of the actions being considered.
Caliran sets her hands in a steeple as she replies, "You see Admiral, the military is not capable of stopping any one who is devlish enough to summon the Dark Side to his or aid: Do not take offense, but do take me seriously. Your men, and even yourself, could be dropped to the ground instantly, without a chance to fight back, with the dark-side powers. Your weapons, your conventions, your wits will be useless to them. Only a Jedi, trained in the force, has a means to fight back." She pauses, gathering her thoughts, then continues.
Malic rolls his eyes and shifts again in his seat as Caliran speaks.
Caliran continues, "Now, if the Dark Force Users should aid your enemies, Admiral, in battle on the ground or aboard ship, then the Jedi will aid you, and fight with your men in order to defeat both. My observations, and comments, are not pointing to the fact that I think we should divide our efforts, no. But, that the Senate should be aware that a military state of government would not help against the Dark Jedi threat, and would only serve to alienate the people that we serve."
Senator Farouche sits back with a release of breath he did not know he was holding in.
Ashkevron waits for the Jedi to finish...
Serras Veil inhales slowly. His jaw muscles visibly alter from tensing and relaxing.
Caliran obviously tries to be diplomatic with her tones, "The threat that is apon us is one that has not been seen for several thousand years. Not since the Jedi raids on the moon of Yavin. There, victory was absolute. A similar threat arises again, where powerful people, more dispised than you can imagine, rise to use the force as a weapon of fear, of perversion, of destruction. We only ask that you trust us that the victory will be as absolute as on Yavin; and that it shall come quickly, for now that the threat is very, very real, so is our resolve."
Kathis closes his eyes and listens to the woman speak, relaxing slowly into his chair.
Senator Farouche searches the floor for anymore possible questions.
Ashkevron pauses for a long moment, carefully considering what's been said and phrasing what he asks next. "The Jedi will come to our aide, then?" His relief is apparent, and the question is rhetorical. He wipes his hand down across his mouth.
Kyp nods to himself regarding the Jedi.
Caliran places her hands on the podium, "The Jedi have always come to the aid of the Republic, and have seen it through the most dark of times. I give you my word that while my chest still beats, it shall remain that way until the end of time."
Ashura smiles and mumbles something.
Senator Farouche crosses his hands on his chest and bows solemnly from his seated position to the Jedi.
Malic frowns as he crosses his arms.
Kyrin looks to Malic with a puzzled look on his face
Kathis sits up straight now and looks about the chamber slowly, as if thinking about something.
Ashkevron speaks into the mike, saying, "This suggests an entirely different way of waging battle, Honorable Jedi. We will need your assistance... *I* will need your help... if we are to fight the combination of conventional threat and this abomination." He pauses again for a moment, then, resolved, says "We trust in the wisdom of the Jedi, and look to you for guidance in our time of need." With that, he returns to his seat, eyes demonstrating a torrent of thoughts and emotions."
Kathis looks at the Admiral as he sits down.
Senator Farouche tightens his eyes when he hears Ashk use the singular 'I' when speaking of combating the threat to come.
Caliran regards the Admiral quietly finally, saying only "Help you shall have." She then turns her gaze to the floor, peering out at the crowd "Is there someone else who has a question?"
Ashura snickers, "Can we see what's under thr robe?"
The guards shove Ashura gruffly to shut him up.
Kathis snaps around to Serras and leans toward him quietly speaking.
The corners of Malic's lips turn up at Ashura's comment. He quickly wipes the ammusement off his face.
Kyp ducks his head, concealing his amusement.
Caliran turns her gaze to Ashura, hardly amused.
Serras Veil leans forward to Kathis and offers a nod.
Ashkevron does not look to the prisoner, and his gaze remains deadpan against the comment.
Ashura grins wickedly.
Caliran coughs slightly, "Does any one with intelligence have any more comments?"
Kyp grins at the Jedi's retort.
Kyrin lets out a brief smirk., glancing toward the podium for the speaker and Jedi who holds the floor briefly.
Senator Farouche looks around for more questions
Caliran says, "Then I shall go." She looks to the Senator, and then to the Admiral "I would like to speak to you both about your wisdom in who you let on the Senate floor after this meeting is ajourned."
Serras Veil stands and makes his way through the aisle. He mumbles 'excuse me' to Jacx as he kicks him in passing. The Lieutenant tries to illicit minimal attention as he works over to the prisoner and guards.
Ashkevron nods solemnly to the Jedi and watches as she makes her way down from the dias.
Ashura grins at Serras, the guards holding him by the shoulders.
Caliran makes a turn towards the floor, and then says sternly "And if I ever hear the term 'Dark Jedi' out of any of you again, I shall turn your hides into spacedust.."
Senator Farouche frowns at that prospect but stands and says, "Jedi Caliran we thank you for your judgement and insight. As always the Jedi have seen to the heart of the matter at hand."
Alic walks into the chamber and quietly makes his way over to Repwin.
Caliran nods to the Senator as she steps down; she says in tones not meant to address the general public, "As always, you are welcome."
Kathis slowly looks back to the rear of the chamber.
Serras Veil looks Ashura in the eyes and frowns. He says nothing, but motions for the guards to escort their prisoner out of the Chamber.
Kathis nods to himself when he sees the prisoner being taken away.
Repwin Arbayne settles into his seat and leans back to hear Alic.
Alic waits for Repwin's response. Repwin Arbayne says to Alic, "What happened to your suspect?" Repwin Arbayne nods and motions for Alic to depart. Alic walks quietly out of the room.
Kyrin turns and looks to Serras as he escorts the prisoner out of the chamber.
Kathis looks back to the speaker and waits for the meeting to continue.
Jacx moves around a little, letting go of some tension
Ashura is escorted out of the chamber, Serras Veil leading the guards and their prisoner.
Caliran makes her way towards the exit of the chamber, robe flowing behind her.
Malic shakes his head slightly as he watches Caliran leave.
Kyrin turns his attention back to the podium, still writing in his datapad.
Senator Farouche turns to face the Senate again. "And there we are ladies and gentlemen. We find out our capabilities but also our limitations in this effort. And so now we are brought back to where we began. What shall our course of action be?"
Senator Farouche looks to the floor for answres.
Kathis stands up slowly, and nods to the speaker,"May I speak?"
Senator Farouche says, "By all means Commander."
Kathis runs his hand through his hair before he starts,"If we could, how about letting the military prep itself for action, and if you are still debating the action the Republic should take, then we will hold taking major action.......
Ashkevron clears his throat loudly now and says "Commander..."
Kathis stops in the middle of his statement and stands back, waiting for the Admiral to speak.
Senator Farouche turns on AShk. "You have a thought Admiral?"
Ashkevron looks towards Kathis for a moment, his communication silent, then rises once again, his voice clear and strong as he says "The threat has not changed for that the Jedi stand beside us now."
You say, "Nor has it been postphoned."
Senator Farouche smiles, staying much more calm and in control than the first time. "You are correct Admiral. It has not."
Ashkevron says, "What we require from the Senate is their acknowledgement, just now confirmed by the Jedi, that the threat exists - that we are at war - so that appropriate measures can be taken. And we require the necessary budgetary increases."
Senator Farouche says, "And so you will be allowed to declare a state of war for the Republic while the Senate forms this Security Council and then it will review the situation as it stands then and decide whether your state of war is truly necessary or whether circumstances call for a full declaration of war.""
Ashkevron looks down at his terminal screen, is distracted by it for a moment before he returns his attention to the Speaker.
Kathis shifts his weight to his left as he continues to stand listening to the Admiral.
Ashkevron replies, "So long as the separation of responsibility is clearly understood, Senator..."
Malic shifts in his seat.
Serras Veil arrives from the main hallway.
Senator Farouche says, "Unfortunately I can promise you nothing in the way of budget increases at this time. WE are stretched as it is and it could take some time to find the correct places from which to gain the necessary money."
Ashkevron looks down at his computer screen again, holding his hand in the air - asking for a moment.
Malic grimaces as he scratches his arms.
Serras Veil glows bright red as he enters the chamber again. He makes his way forward to his aisle and plops himself into his chair.
Senator Farouche waits patiently the smile never leaving his face.
Serras Veil leans to Malic and whispers.
Malic whispers back to Serras.
Ashkevron's expression as he regards the screen is that of surprise. He begins to look about the room before him, then returns his attention to the screen once more. "Senator, I'm afraid I have to ask that we complete this discussion in private session. I ask that you conclude the other affairs of the Senate, setting this aspect aside for the moment, to be resumed at a later time during this Senate session."
Senator Farouche blinks in complete surprise. "Admiral?"
Ashkevron is clearly quite uncomfortable, and a bit unnerved. "Senator, please! Just do as I request!"
Kathis looks at the Admiral with a puzzled look.
Malic cocks his head as he looks at the admiral's back.
Kathis loeans to the Admiral,"A problem?"
Ashkevron leans towards Kathis and whispers something to him.
Senator Farouche says, "As you wish Admiral, though I wish a full explanation at your convenience."
Serras Veil face is grim. He places his hands in his lap and rubs them together.
Repwin Arbayne glances 45 degrees towards the Admiral, pauses and looks back to his terminal...
Senator Farouche says, "Very well then --clears his throat-- moving on I wish to address the issue of treason."
Senator Farouche calls out. "Bring in the prisoner."
Malic leans forward
Kathis turns sharply towards the men next to him,"Lt. Veil, Malic come with me now."
Ashevron holds his hand up briefly, halting the Senator. He states "In the interest of Republic security, this Senate meeting is to be cleared of all non-government and non-military personnel immediately."
Malic stands and nods to Kathis.
The guards shove Ashura inside the room. One guard says, "Now keep quiet."
Serras Veil stands up to full attention. "Yes sir."
Senator Farouche looks over to ashk. "WHAT!?"
Kathis moves quickly to the middle of the room, Serras Veil following a step behind.
Repwin Arbayne suddenly lifts halfway out of his chair... pauses... and then continues in renewed calm having heard the Admiral's convenient statement.
Ashkevron looks to is men and states "Now, please, gentlemen."
Malic follows Kathis, just behind Serras.
Repwin Arbayne raises his wrist to his mouth and quietly steps out the back of his booth...
Kathis looks to the men following him,"Seal this chamber cmpletely."
Senator Farouche says, "What proof do you have to claim such Admiral?"
Kathis walks for the exit, leaving quickly.
Malic nods and looks at serras for a second.
Serras Veil frowns and glances around the chamber.
Ashkevron raises his voice impatiently. "Not _now_, Senator!" he exclaims, and begins heading towards the Speaker at brisk pace, scanning about the room warily as he does so.
Repwin Arbayne comes alongside Ashkevron, moving in step with him as he whispers something to him.
Malic leans forward and whispers something to Serras.
Serras Veil notices that the Commander has left and double steps to catch-up.
Senator Farouche leans heavily on his desk glaring around the room.
Serras Veil leaves the Senate Chambers via the main doors leading to the corridor.
Malic leaves the Senate Chambers via the main doors leading to the corridor.
Repwin Arbayne turns at a right angle and quietly heads for the side door.
Jacx looks around slightly confused, then stands up and leaves the Senate Chambers via the main doors leading to the corridor.
Senator Farouche sighs as he gives in and drops to his chair muttering, "Someone had better have a damned good reason for this."
Ashura rises to his feet... but is shoved back into his chair by one of the guards.
Repwin Arbayne leaves the Senate Chambers via the main doors leading to the corridor.
Ashkevron arrives at Lews side now, and whispers something quietly but urgently to him.
Senator Farouche' face blanks and he nods wordlessly.
Ashkeveron whispers to Lews again, the urgency of his message apparent.
Ashura looks curiously at Ashk and Lews.
Ashkeveron whispers yet again to Lews.
Senator Farouche presses a button on his desk listening while he speaks his face paling as he stammers over the loudspeakers. "ATTENTION ALL PERSONNEL: We have a bomb threat in the Senate Complex. Evacuate the complex immediately! Essential personnel only to remain."
Ashura perks up.
Ashkevron looks down towards Malar from the Dias. "Lt.Commander, please... assist in the evacuation of this building of all but Senators and Military personnel.
Ashura has a paniked look in his eyes....
Malar nods slightly, standing from his seat. He turns, swiftly stepping out of the building as ordered.
Ashkevron looks to the Senatorial body and says "I think we should retire to private chambers, Senators.
Malar leaves the Senate Chambers via the main doors leading to the corridor.
Senator Farouche looks up worriedly. "The inner Chambers Admiral?"
The guards call out, "What do we do with him?"
Kathis, Malar, Malic and Serras Veil arrive from the main hallway.
Ashkevron nods and takes the Speaker by the shoulder, protectively ushering him into the chambers. Over his shoulder he shouts "Hold the prisoner here til he's called for!"
Senator Farouche lets Ashk hustle him away.
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