John Taylor's Philosophies and Other Facts of Life

Obviously, these are one man's opinions. Actual realities may vary. I openly offer these idealisms, welcoming your thoughts as well, with one restriction: Please don't waste your our time and energy in Flame replies. They won't change my mind. They can't. I'll delete them, unread.

UPDATE: Since adding these Opinions, a rather interesting exchange on them has transpired. Press here to see the 11-page transcript

Did you know that: Dolphin-safe ISN'T. Another lie, the agreement that got Greenpeace and other environmental lobbyists off the tuna company's backs was only to cut the number of dolphin kills in half. That still leaves some 167 dolphins, creatures as sentient as we are, being killed EVERY day, for the sake of a cheaper can of tuna. We'll pay the price of beef, so why won't we pay the price of tuna? Albacore tastes great. Spend the extra buck. Cause right now, other intelligent, self-aware creatures are paying it for you. They're being brutally slaughtered. The other members of their families grieve just as deeply and as long as we do. For what? A cheaper can of tuna? Talk about a lack of family values.

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Environmental Sum-Up: You say you care. Then show it. Do something about it. Walk the talk. We toss away more in volume of food containers in this country than the volume of food the entire rest of the world eats. You say you think? Then do so. Think. For yourself. Don't just buy whatever someone else says that sounds good, or makes some sort of sense. And don't trust them to be doing the research and reporting it to you accurately. Statistics have a thousand ways to mislead. Evalute the research yourself. Because power does corrupt. And if they can get you to go along with them, that's power. You'll have given your power to them, added it to their mass. And such power-hungry people are like a snowball. It's just their nature to want to roll downhill, growing larger all the while. Anyone who initiates much more action than I'm doing now, with my words, is a power-hungry bastard. Which explains part of why they're lying to you. The other part? In our laziness, our apathy, we let them.


Think for yourself.

Then, either Do, or Do Not.

Don't kid yourself. There is no "try".

(Ever "try" to pick up a penny?)