Want a copy of the John Taylor's live CD on tape?

We're making up a limited run of "Threadbare Dreams" from a digital recording and mastering. These songs, cut and mixed at Trax recording studio in Los Angeles, were done solo, for a live feel and up-close presence. Just guitar and vocals, they provide a pleasant perspective of this singer-songwriter's talents with an intimacy seldom found in professional recordings. On many tracks, it's as though John sat down in your living room to play.
About the tapes: All copies are being duplicated realtime, from the original digital masters in realtime and in normal mode, Dolby off, on high-quality BASF Chrome tape. You should hear no appreciable difference between your tape and the quality of the digital masters. Sorry, CDs are out of stock at this time.
At present, processing credit card orders is just too expensive. Please send your check (do it now before you forget!) for $13.00, including S&H, to:

John Taylor

RR1, Box 207-9

Pryor, OK 74361


Thank you for your interest and support!