An important notice


As we near the turn of the century, Iíd have hoped mankind might have learned to be tolerant, at least to the point of nonfeasance.When people told me of extreme cases of bigotry, hate crimes, and the like, I thought such nonsense was uncommon, if not rare.Unfortunately, this is not the case.There are yet people out there who decide a personís worth or rights based on whether or not you meet their expectations, agree with their ways of doing things.


It is with deep regret that I inform you that, due to the prejudices of people like this,these pages have been changed.†† No longer will you find the candor that allowed for honest exchanges of ideas, affording fertile soil for thought and personal growth.No, being so honest was too costly to me, so I now have to make it homogenous, sterile and non-offensive, and hope that someone doesnít take offense to that as well.It cannot beModerate, nor Right Wing, nor Left, because the self-centered sons-of-bitchesthink they know whatís best for the entire world, and wonít tolerate anything but their own way of doing things.Being different will bring down their wrath, cause them to go far out of their way to make you suffer for your impudence.(ďHow DARE you live your life in a way that makes sense to you or makesyou happy?!Ē)†† Theyíll look to remove from you those simple, basic rights that we all take for granted.If they know youíre not one of their kind, theyíre likely to deprive you of the right to purchase something, and even try to take away your right to have that thing, should someone else (obviously unwittingly) sell it to you.This is all quite justifiable, of course.After all, youíre a ____ <fill in whatever pigeonholing label happens to suite you your bias.>.


SoÖ Iíve finally given in.Iím rolling over and playing along like a nice drone.Iíll say nothing that might be controversial, offensive, or individual.After all, resistance is futile Ė they are the Borg.


And if you believe THAT oneÖHELL, no, Iím not giving in!SCREW Ďem!How dare THEY presume to determine whatís right, who should or should not enjoy the very things that they themselves feel ďgood enoughĒ for?I donít care if itís a baby, a horse, or a can of Kiwi shoe polish, NOBODYíS gonna tell me Iím not an appropriate home for it just because they donít agree with my perspective, my lifestyle or my thoughts.Who asked Ďem to agree?I sure donít need their approval.Just their tolerance.All I want is for them to stop interfering.And I KNOW Iím not alone in feeling this way.I can see you nodding alongÖ


Iíd never have thought it possible of otherwise rational people.Thank you, Randall Harris,for setting me straight.Now I finally understand that it doesnít matter how smart one is, or how well traveled or experienced one may be, hatred knows no boundaries,that ugly may be skin deep but STUPID is in the soul.


To you bigots who are so worried about other peopleís lives, who have the time to pass rumors and spread hate, but not the open-mindedness to at least consider and tolerate ideas or concepts which donít agree with their own, whoíd rather put their energies into beingdemeaning and hurtful than to lend a helping hand or see through the differences on to the similarities of the spirit,to you I say now, loudly and unequivicably,




Donít sell me your horse, Iíll get or breed my own.(Just be glad the person you got YOURS from didnít decide he didnít like the color of your hair or your choice of deodorant, or youíd not have Ďem either.)Donít give me the job, Iíll take my talents elsewhere, to someone more deserving of them.Donít sell me the house in your lilly-white neighborhood, Iíll buy land elsewhere and set up my own neighborhood far from the stench of your vulgar nature.But be careful, because one day you might just break down while driving through my neck of the woods and have to accept help from a ____.I know how hard thatíd be on your limitless egocentric pride.

Oh, and have a care that you donít limit your scope too much, or you wonít be able to eat the bread at the store because a _____ touched it, or a _____ made it, or a ________ tilled the soil it grew in. you wonít be able to eat the bread at the store because a _____ touched it, or a ______ made it, or a ________ tilled the soil it grew in.


On second thought, you just go on ahead and keep on hating, keep limiting yourself.Perhaps eventually youíll hole up somewhere and leave those of uswhoíre only wanting to live our lives without hassles from people like you, maybe youíll hole up somewhere and leave the rest of us alone.


Putting up my thoughts, philosophies, activities, interests, origins, this was rewarding for me and the thousands of visitors, but apparently my openness has also led to me being discriminated against.If one is not identical to certain others in every detail of a topic broached, the narrowminded ones amongst us will single one out, and cause one no end of grief.Not content to disagree and live their own lives, they then insist on either controlling the lives of everyone else, or making them miserable as they possibly can.


I really did think of taking the page down.But ya know what?If we live our lives keeping things to the least-common-denominator, the LOWEST standard, thereís no hope left at all.


Happy new millennium!May we swiftly grow past such ignorances.


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