About Me: For those of you who are unfamiliar with my RL, I'm an artist with rather "unusual" things which occupy my time. Amongst my activities are falconry, martial arts, aviation, music (guitars, keyboards, vocals, lyrics and composition,) writing fiction, riding motorcycles, sailing... not to mention my bobcat, Bobbi, and my baby cougar, Sowepa (South-American/Western Puma), two harris' hawks, a trio of peregrines and a saker falcon. I also enjoy interactive computer games on the Net.

About the Page: Here you will find snippets of me and my crazy life. Feel free to browse, link, distriubute as you like, but don't try to sell anything you find here, or I'll be really upset. Thanks for understanding.
Update: Things are still pretty hectic around here. I'm building my own home atop a hill, with an awesome view of some 15 miles. Unfortunately, the process requires that I gain new skills. Operating a backhoe, installing a septic tank, and the like, these are abilities I'd rather not have had to acquire!

When I'm not updating this home page, I'm putting the studio back together and concentrating on finishing the album started at the end of last year. For those of you who've been waiting, thanks for your patience. I hope to have it finished by next spring. Meanwhile, be well, speak true!
John Taylor, 11/22/96