Online Multi-User Game Links

ShadowRun MUSH - The not-so-distant fictional future. Be prepared to die.

CloneWars MUSH - A timeline before Lucas' first StarWars, a playground for non-Trekkies.

StarWars 1 MUSH - Occurring just a few years after the Lucas films. See above.

FurryMUCK - The first anthromorphic MUSH. Sentient animals abound. I copped out.

Other Links

- Wild About Cats. Dawn Simas' Webpage - lots of cool stuff on exotic cats.

dolphin1.jpgThis site is a good starting place to find out about our cetacean brothers.

melissaEartsy.jpg(The Melissa Etheridge Information Network homepage - The chick ROCKS!)

Named for "Royal Station 4/16" and taking on ME's recurring theme of trains, this most excellent Melissa Etheridge site includes a discography, images of all of ME's album covers, links to similar sites.... More comprehensive pages are seldom found.

WebWeather - Shows forcast, radar and sat pics of YOUR zipcode!

More to follow, as time permits...