Fallin' Angel
To Joshua

Hey fallin' angel, with your eyes all big and black,
Devil's come to steal your soul, 'n' he ain't ever gonna give it back.
That guy you score your shit from makes his profit from your pain,
Cuts your heart out twenty times, smiles real friendly - takes no blame.
Tell me who you're dyin' for, I haven't known since way back when.
Got my hand stretched out, just take it - Gonna find your wings again.


Fallin' angel, don't you run from this embrace!
Oh, my Fallin' angel, what's behind that starry gaze?
His poison turns your soul to ice, leaves me drownin' in the waste -
Oh, my fallin' angel, take my hand, we'll fly away.

(You know) It hasn't always been this way, I can remember times before.
In a life a million years ago, you would come home through our door,
You'd smile at me so lovingly, I could never want for more.
Then the devil came, now I'm fighting back - gonna settle up that score.
Tell me who you're dyin' for, I haven't known since way back when.
My hand's stretched out, just take it - gonna find your wings again.


Is your innocence so hard to hold?
Don't you want love any more?
Tell me what you need - I am your prisoner to the core!
The only thing that I can't take is the slammin' of the door!
Oh, my fallin' angel, don't you need me any more?


AD LIB: "Gonna find those wings..."

© 1995 John A. Yezeguielian - All Rights Reserved

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