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Below are the postings from the current period. Beneath them, as new editions are started, will be links to the archived files. Postings from anyone are welcome, and this is a free service.



Acceptable postings can be classified as Available/Wanted/Lost/Found birds, falconry furniture, or equipment, or helpful hints (preferebly with diagrams or photos where appropriate,) as well as any regulatory updates or meet announcements. QUALIFIED/VERIFITED advisories regarding businesses or individuals may be acceepted, but FLAMES of ANY kind will not be posted.



This service is being provided for the specific purpose of desemination information to the falconry community in a timely fashion. Much like a bulletin board at a local store or other meeting place, anyone is welcome to post anything, and while reasonable effort will be made to keep information accurate, the author and maintainers of this page make no representation as to the validity of any postings herein, and are in no way liable for any harm that may come of responding to these posts.


I have read the above terms and conditions, and agree to them. LET ME IN!


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