Don Henley wrote "We get the government we deserve." Every day that song becomes a little more prophetic to me. Just who are these mealy-balled motherfuckers who care so little about their own country, their own lives and futures, that they'd allow shit like this? Who are they? WE ARE! The U.S. Congress pissed all over our cornflakes, and nobody said a thing.

Back when President Clinton passed out the "Don't Ask, Don't Tell" rhetoric, after solemnly swearing to us that he'd make it illegal to discriminate against gay people who wanted to be in the military, what did we do? We fucking understood. UNDERSTAND THIS: As Commander-In-Chief, he had it within his power to fulfill the one promise he made to 10% of this country. He couldn't lower taxes... who can? We all know the politicians are lying about that one when it leaves their lips, anyway. But this one, this was entirely within his power and rights. It's probably the only promise a politician's ever made that he DID have full control over, yet he caved in and gave us that "Don't Ask, Don't Tell" bullshit. THAT is not equality. THAT is not the philosophy we elected him under. Are ya tellin' me this guy can order men to war, but he hasn't got the balls to face his underlings and order them to shut up and serve next to whomever's wearing the uniform? But it had nothing to do with that. Clinton knew that we were just as apathetic as the rest of the world, so he could get away with it. And we proved him 100% correct.

When I was younger, I thought gay people were somehow superior to the majority of the straight population - thought we'd been through enough that we'd learned something more than the rest of the world. The older I get, the more I realize we're gutless ball-sacks just like everybody else in the world. We accept whatever crap we get fed, and grow like mushrooms. WHEN will we finally figure out that they're gonna keep on fuckin' us over til we stand up for ourselves and announce to the world THROUGH OUR ACTIONS that we're not taking it anymore? Were a bunch of drag queens at Stonewall gutsier than we are? If so, I do't know why we bother getting out of bed in the morning. If we'll put up with THAT sort of shit, we'll fall for just about anything.

My roomie, he says "Don't piss in a man's cornflakes." I think it's high time we started pissin' back.

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