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About IAC

The Independent Artist's Co-op was founded to help singer/songwriters, composers and musicians market their music on the Internet. Individually, the costs of having a Merchant's Account in order to accept credit card payments, and other related expenses were prohibitive. By combining our efforts and resources, we are able to offer these recordings to you, the listening public, via the Net, and at affordable prices. Though it is not formally set up as a non-profit corporation, the IAC exists only to serve its members, as a means of pooling resources.

Thank you for your continued support of independent artists!

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About RealAudio

RealAudio is a compression format which allows us to reduce the size of audio files by approximately 90%, while maintaining a reasonable sound quality. IAC chose the RealAudio system for that its priority is on accurate representation of the music overall. Disk space and download times make RealAudio the only reasonable choice for Internet presentations. Music encoded in RealAudio is MUCH faster to download. Additionally, many are streaming RealAudio transmissions realtime now, allowing you to hear remote radio stations over the Net! We heartily encourage you to download their free player, or visit RealAudio's pages to purchase a more complete product from their catalogue.

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Ordering Information

At this time, IAC is obtaining the software and accounts necessary to accept secured credit card payments over the Net. Meanwhile, we ask that you email IAC with your order, providing

1) Your name, address and phone number
2) Your email address
3) The names of the artists and titles you've selected.

IAC will respond within 24 hours, providing you with the address to send your payment to, as well as the total amount, including shipping. IAC will *never* release your information to any outside sources.

Airborne Express, Fed-Ex and UPS, as well as COD orders are possible, but incur the additional charges we pay from the carrier. You may, at your discretion, provide us with your carrier name and account information and we will send the selection(s) via that carrier, allowing you to pay them directly for the shipping.

As always, thank you for supporting independent music!

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Joining IAC

Independent artists with professional-quality recordings to market are always welcome. We charge no profit, allowing you, the creator, to keep your costs competitive. IAC offers a number of services to its members. Simple homepages are created and hosted free of charge, and more complex pages are made by members for a nominal fee. Email IAC with a brief description of your work, including the artist or group name, title(s) of albums, and homepage URL, if any. You can expect a reply within 48 hours which will include details and further instructions and requirements. While IAC is under no obligation to accept anyone as a member of the Co-op, we do not discriminate on against styles of music, race, belief, etc. All members share equally in the rights and responsibilities of the co-op, and illegal or unethical actions will not be tolerated. We welcome your email application, and look forward to a productive association with you in the near future.

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