KNPV Most Used Dog Training Commands

It's important to remember that the Dutch rrrroll their Rs - ALOT!

Heel Volg or Volgen   Sit Zit or Halt
Down Af or Afliggen or Liggen   Stay Blijf or Blijven
Come in Heel Position Plaats (plots)   Jump 1 Meter Hedge Hoog or Spring
Jump 1.75 Meter Wall Hoog or Spring   Jump 2.25 Meter Wide Ditch Breed or Spring
Jump back to handler Kom Terug or Kom Hier   Search for Small Articles Zoek or Zoeken (zoke)
Search for Box Hidden in Forest Revieren or RRRRRRRR   Search for Decoy Hidden in the Forest Revieren or RRRRRRRR
To Be Silent Stil or Zwijg   To Bark (speak) Luid
To Send Dog for Attack Stellen   Out (Let go) Los or Laat Los
Watch Let op   To Put Dog Down on Article/Object Af, Blijf or Erop
Recall Kom Terug or Kom Hier   Stop Police Halt! Politie!
Go from Left to Right while Heeling Rechts   Go from Right to Left while Heeling Links
Stop after Heeling Halt or Zit   Free to Go Vrij
Don't do that or Bad Dog

Nee or Foei


  Send Away Vooruit